An efficient visual microservice governance platform

What is SolarMesh?

SolarMesh service mesh is an efficient visual microservice governance platform based on Istio and container technology, providing application life cycle management, comprehensive traffic management and non-intrusive service governance solutions.. Learn more


Comprehensive traffic graph

SolarMesh captures data such as communication start and end services, network protocols, and request content, and draws an access relationship topology with services as nodes based on the captured data, dynamically displaying the global real-time communication status between services.

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Traffic Management

Request load balancing, circuit breaking, dynamic routing with arbitrary match conditions, rate limit, traffic mirroring and e2e canary, etc.

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Provides rich code-free intrusion observability capabilities: traffic topology map, request-level indicators, access logs, distributed tracing, monitoring alarms.

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Multiple clusters

Supports unified management of hybrid cloud environments. Not only supports container clusters, but also provides virtual machine access management

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